Discover Name Company's Success with Selfly Store's Smart Fridges and Freezers

In the bustling environment of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Name Company emerges as a visionary catering service. Founded by Murat and Emre, with over a decade of experience in aviation and hospitality, it redefines food service for airport employees, setting new standards in the industry. Their venture into smart vending solutions with Selfly Store cabinets, especially the Selfly Freezer, demonstrates their unwavering commitment to excellence and adaptability.

Curious about Name Company's Success Story? Find Answers to These Questions:

  • What solution did Name Company adopt to enhance their service delivery and operational efficiency?
  • How did Name Company leverage Selfly Store's smart vending fridges and freezers to expand their offerings and optimize inventory management?
  • How did Name Company reduce waste and maximize sales through innovative discount strategies?
  • What has been the feedback from airport employees regarding the convenience, variety, and quality of meals provided by Name Company's Selfly Store Fridges and Freezers?

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