How Östersund’s Hospital implements Selfly Store’s intelligent vending machines

Are you looking for a smart and convenient way to provide food options for your staff and customers? Do you want to reduce food waste and improve user satisfaction? If yes, then you need to read this case story about how Selfly Store transformed food accessibility at Östersund’s Hospital in Sweden.

In this case story, you will learn how the hospital implemented and managed Selfly Stores intelligent cabinets, and what were the benefits and challenges they faced. You will also get insights into how they reduced food waste, optimized food outlet operations, and integrated feedback into their strategies.

This case story will inspire you to think about how you can use Selfly Stores intelligent cabinets to address your own food accessibility needs and challenges.

Download the case story now and get ready to revolutionize your food outlet operations.

The Case Study will answer the following questions:
  • How did Selfly Store help solve the problem of limited food availability at Östersund’s Hospital?
  • Learn how staff, patients, and visitors benefited from the implementation of Selfly Stores intelligent cabinets
  • Find out how the hospital reduced food waste and enhanced use experience







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